Long Distance Coach Services

Public Services


ONTC offer coach services daily to many major towns and cities within the Sultanate and to Dubai, these are constantly being extended or new services provided for the benefit of residents, tourists and ex patriots. Many of our services offer the only public transport links within Oman and to Dubai for many people who otherwise would have to use costly taxis or try and find friends or family to take them on their journeys. See our route map or book online.

Increasingly our coaches are being refurbished and new toilet facilities fitted; on bus movie facilities improved and tests are taking place to validate the future possibility of wi-fi onboard our long distance fleet.

Some shorter journeys do not always have all the facilities of a long distance journey but over time these vehicles are being refurbished too.

Recently ONTC have introduced some additional services usually on weekends to deal with the number of travellers wishing to use these key days to travel and finding our services oversubscribed. We will continue to add extra capacity where required.

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